Honoring the best mobile applications projects at the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Ain Shams University organized a competition for programming Android mobile applications as a conclusion of the activities of summer training of the second year. It was under the auspices of code lab for software and supervision of Prof. Dr. Nagwa Badr, Dean of the Faculty and organized by Dr. Sally Saad, Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, on August 4.

16 of the best projects Participated in the competition and selected by the assisting body, where the arbitration engineer / Nourhan Khattab representative of code lab company, the official sponsor of the competition.

The winning projects were honored in the first three positions and awarded cash prizes from the company in addition to certificates of appreciation.

Prof. Dr. Nagwa Badr, Dean of the Faculty, has given all participating teams in the competition certificates of appreciation for their efforts and qualification for the competition.

The first three places won the following projects:

First place: chat app

Submitted by students

Youssef Raafat

Micheline Medhat

Michael Safwat

Second Place: Medicine in-take reminder

Submitted by students

Fares Ayman Farouk Mohamed

Farah Ahmed Mohamed Samir

Aya Mohamed Morsy Abdel Aziz

Ahmed Sameh Mohamed Fathi

Third place: Zaat

Submitted by the student

From Youtube (c) Menna Saber Mohamed

Among the activities of the competition was the announcement of the contest for Egypt Mobile Applications Award presented by the State through a presentation by the engineer / Fatima Ibrahim, the project manager at the Ministry of Planning to explain the details of the competition, which the prize of the winner of one million pounds.

Prof. Dr. Nagwa Badr, Dean of the Faculty, encouraged students to participate in the competition.

Link to participate in the competition


  • Aug 7, 2019