August 4. Ain Shams University receives requests for transfers

Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud, Vice President of Education and Students Affairs, explained that the transfers are made within the framework of the percentage set by the council of each college in light of the possibilities of colleges in relation to the numbers of students transferred to them and the internal conditions of colleges, with preference for students with the highest grades in General appreciation and the student's commitment to prove his place of residence in the geographical scope of Ain Shams University.

He added that for new students who have reached high school, their transfer to analog colleges or the transfer of their enrolment to asymmetric colleges is done through the Office for the Coordination of Admissions of Universities, pointing out the need for students wishing to convert to submit a study status statement from the converted colleges. of them, and proof of residence.

With regard to transfers of integration students and special abilities, Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud confirmed 

That the university administration has allocated a window for integration students with special needs of the Central Transfer Office

Places were provided for the rest and waiting for them and provided all the services to ensure their comfort in order to facilitate the application process. 

The guidelines on the terms of admission, the methods of progress and the provision of forms for their submission and care have also been announced.  

And about the colleges available to them are the faculties of arts and law and commerce for students with special needs

And arts and alsun for blind students 

And manners for integration students 

And the internal distribution is done according to the terms of each college

The university provides all means of support and care for them.

A box office has been opened for students wishing to transfer from outside the university (candidates for other universities) for the approved hours system and new programs in the Central Transfer Office of the Building

With the required paperwork:

Nomination card 

High school form 

Transfer application form from the office.

For students who are candidates for university colleges and who wish to transfer to the system, the approved hours will be in the nominated college.

  • Aug 3, 2019