Opening the electronic progress to enroll in university cities

The education and student sector at Ain Shams University, headed by Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud, Vice President of Education and Students Affairs, announces the opening of the electronic application of housing in the university cities for new and old students for the academic year 2019/2020, through the university's website or the link to the following registration:

Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud- That the education and student sector work to ease the burden on its student  by transferring all the services provided by the sector to its students to the electronic system, and in this context has been introduced an electronic system has been developed to allow students to apply for housing in cities. University without suffering the suffering of mobility with the traditional paper system, stressing that many controls and standards have been put in place to ensure that all students are allowed to apply for housing in university cities with full transparency and neutrality.

His Excellency sent a message to his students to take into account the accuracy when filling out the form of data required to apply, as any error in those data may expose the student to reject his application, wishing his  students success and success.

  • Aug 2, 2019