The German Authority for the Accreditation of Cerebral Vessels accredits the Brain Vascular Care Unit at Al-Demirdash Hospital and Ain Shams Specialist

For the first time in Egypt and Africa, the Brain Vascular Care Unit at Al- Demirdash Hospital and Ain Shams Specialist succeed in obtaining accreditation from the largest Organization for the accreditation of cerebral vessels in Germany, following a marathon visit during which the Committee inspected every track of stroke patients starting with the ambulance Reception, through the radiology department, the discharge of the clot solvent drug and the patient's entry into a stroke recovery work in the catheter chamber (in cases where this is required) end with his transfer of care.

Dr. Ayman Saleh, Director of University Hospitals, confirmed that the committee reviewed all the details within the care of the cerebral vessels in terms of the extent to which the resident doctors are familiar with the condition, and their level of knowledge of the steps of dispensing treatment to meet the standards of combating infection in relation to the performance of nursing and the organization of their work, besides Discussing representatives of all specialties that serve stroke patients while in the hospital, noting that this accreditation represents an important step to reach the medical service at The Despite Hospitals international, and that similar steps will be followed by the rest of the units.

Dr. Hani Aref, Director of the Unit, stated that this event was a long-awaited dream and is the result of tireless efforts to improve the stroke system in the stroke units of The Damdarash Hospital and Specialist Hospital, and to prepare the largest database of patients manuals and documentation over the years and monitor the time of giving Treatment of the desolate of the clot to reach the lowest possible time, until the adoption of the largest body for the adoption of stroke units in Germany, which adopted all units in the presence of  Professor. Bussa, former president of the German Society of Neurology and also the former President of the German Stroke Association and the first references Mr. Martin. LGA. Over the course of two days and preparation until the last moments until the initial approval of the two units will be the final accreditation following the final report of the accreditation body for review, to be the university of Ain Shams, the first university to receive this accreditation in Egypt and Africa with a few units outside Germany.

Professor Bussa confirmed that what he had seen was better than some of the units he had adopted in Germany.

Dr. Hani Aref thanked all those who participated in this system, including Dr. Ayman Saleh and Dr. Ali Al-Anwar, Director of the Specialized Hospital, to the youngest deputy to the German cases.

He also thanked other departments, including radiology, physiotherapy, speech, cardiology and nursing.

  • Jul 29, 2019