A large students come for the induction day activities in the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences Ain Shams.

Among large students , An induction day activities were held in the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences to introduce the distinct programs provided by the faculty to its students from the Thanawya Amma campaign, and to introduce the various departments of the faculty and student activities , Dr.Nagwa Badr,the Dean of the faculty explained that Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences is unique to have five new distinct programs this year.


During her inspection tour, Prof. Nagwa Badr, Dean of the Faculty explained that this year's Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences Ain Shams is unique to five new distinct programs: "Artificial Intellige­­­­­­nce Program, Cyber security Program, Digital multi media Program, Software Engineering Program, Bioinformatics Program", and all of them are awarded the bachelor's degree in the credit hours system, These programs support the trend of the country towards digitization and serve the industrial and digital revolution and the development boom that the country is currently facing.


Prof. Nagwa Badr,also explained that the induction day has for the first time the participation of a number of well-known specialized companies in the computer sector, which was keen for being with students since the first day of the induction day, which keeps for 3 consecutive days, Noting that the desire of companies to be in the activities of this day confirms their conviction with the level of Ain Shams computer graduate who is able to fill the gap of the need of these companies for qualified graduates who can compete, as well as reflect the link between the faculty and the labor market and the awareness of the university and faculty for the importance of linking the various education outcomes to the requirements of the market.


Prof. Nagwa Badr, explained that the faculty was keen on the existence of these companies not only in the employment meetings but also in the various activities that have large amount of students, including the activities of electronic coordination.


This was by the existence of Dr. Hala Moushier, The Vice Dean for Students Affairs, Dr. Rasha Ismail, Director of Programs at the Faculty and Dr. Yasmine Affifi, Coordinator of the Induction Day.


More than 17 students from 6 student activities (OSC-support-ACM Robo Tech -Appl Ai -AUG ) participated in the induction day.

  • Jul 28, 2019