For the first time in Egypt .. Triennial certificate of trade Ain Shams with US universities

Prof. Abdulwahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University, announced that students will continue to accept the English language credit hours system in the Faculty of Commerce in collaboration with Ocean College and Ken University for the fourth year. He added that the program has several advantages, including: The student has obtained three separate certificates from Ain Shams University, Ocean College and Ken University, the existence of a new system of assessment and examinations based on the distribution of the student's efforts during the semester and not only supported the final exam.


This program also allows the student to choose his specialization from one of the two disciplines: administration and accounting required by the labor market in Egypt and abroad, and the possibility of enrolling students in graduate studies in American universities directly without the need to evaluate these certificates. The courses should be taught in the same system In America and communicate with US university professors through the official sites of American universities and academic email to students, and teaching courses in practical way using the latest technology and effective communication.

As for the number of students in the study halls, he explained that the number in the study room does not exceed 50 students and they are divided in some practical lectures into two groups, thus giving the students greater opportunity to benefit fully from the professor of material as well as the ease of communicating the information to the students. For more information please visit Ocean - Ain Shams - Kean program

  • Jul 25, 2019