A press release of the Supreme Council of Universities

The Supreme Council of Universities met in its session No. (698) on March 21-2020, where the Council reviewed future plans for studying in universities in the context of developments in the global situation of the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), and the need to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease and in light of the President’s decision to suspend the study for two weeks.

At the beginning of the session, the Council appreciated the Egyptian state’s decisions to preserve the health of the Egyptians and all the efforts made by the various state ministries and sectors to achieve this.

The Council also appealed to the citizens to adhere to the decisions issued by the state to limit the spread of infection, and also thanked all members of the teaching staff, the assisting body, and all university employees for their quick and outstanding support for the distance education system, as well as a tribute of appreciation and respect to all health service providers, including doctors and staff. Nursing, technicians and hospital administrators for the heroic role they play during this delicate period of a nation's life.

The Council stressed that attention to the health of students, faculty, and all employees of universities and university hospitals is his priority and that all necessary measures are taken to preserve them.

Accordingly, the Council decided the following:

  1. Emphasizing the completion of the declared emergency plan to confront the emerging corona virus inside university facilities and facilities, including attention to sterilization and continuous disinfection.
  2. Confirmation of the decisions of the Supreme Council of Hospitals, which was held in its emergency session on 3/19/2020.
  3. Continuing to activate the distance education system throughout the suspension period of study, according to procedures that ensure the continuation of the educational process for the second semester with full effectiveness and quality, for the theoretical content of all colleges, provided that the practical application of the colleges is carried over after the resumption of study or in the summer devices as determined by each university.
  4. Continued coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to provide free access and use of electronic educational platforms.
  5. If the study continues to be suspended after the previously announced dates, the mid-term exams for the second semester will be canceled and their scores will be combined with the exams for the end of the second semester.
  6. The examinations for the end of the second semester are postponed, provided that they do not take place before Saturday 30/5/2020 according to the schedules that will be announced by each university or at a date to be announced later according to the latest developments.
  7. For graduate students, it is left to each university to set the date for its exams according to what it considers, provided that the duration of the study disruption is not counted within the study period necessary to obtain the academic degree.
  8. The Council decided that in the event of a permanent meeting to follow up on all developments and take the necessary measures in time in compliance with the state's plan to preserve the health of Egyptians and prevent the epidemic spread of the Corona virus (Ciovid-19).
  • Mar 25, 2020